In the second decade of the twenty-first century, the movies, once America’s primary popular art form, have become an endangered species. Do the Movies Have a Future? is a rousing and witty call to arms. In these sharp and engaging essays and reviews, New Yorker movie critic David Denby weighs in on the frenzied, weightless action spectacles that dominate the world’s attention and celebrates the films that re-affirm the importance of the movies in our national conversation. He assesses the triumphs and failures of legendary auteurs, examines the changing nature of stardom, and re-creates the excitement of reading film’s finest critics. Wry, passionate, and incisive, Do the Movies Have a Future? is an essential guide for movie-lovers looking for ammunition and hope.


“David Denby’s work is learned, wry, quietly passionate, utterly absorbing and unfailingly intelligent—criticism as it’s meant to be done and these days rarely is. Some of the piece, I think, will stand as definitive for years to come.” —Richard Schickel

“This collection shows a superb critic at his best—thoughtful, probing, his breadth of cinematic knowledge gracefully dispensed…Voicing the passion of many, this is a cri de coeur for what has increasingly become an oxymoron, Hollywood entertainment for adults.” —Molly Haskell

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