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A biting polemic on the cultural tone of today. Denby analyzes and denounces the the kind of public abuse that falls beneath irony, beneath satire—the low insult and insinuation that drops from the mouths of politicians and pundits, bloggers and newscasters, comedians too lazy to be truly funny. Denby analyzes the origins of the word (in Louis Carroll’s work) and of the practice itself, in the development of invective in ancient Greece, murderous tirade in the work of Juvenal and others, and modern journalism in Britain and America. 


“Snark is an important, defining work, and an extremely satisfying read as well.” —John Berendt, author of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

“An aggressively humorous anatomy of current invective…that only a lover and defender of irony and satire could have written.” —William H. Pritchard, The Boston Globe

Snark is full of glorious, thwacking send-offs...Worth every penny.” —James Harkin, The Guardian

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